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Climate change is a global phenomenon of climate transformation characterised by the changes in the usual climate of the planet (regarding temperature, perspiration and wind) that are especially caused by human activities as a result of unbalancing the weather of earth.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, about the possible cause(s) of lack of rainfall during the rainfall season, Dr. Eric Twum, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Institute of Environmental Assessment mentioned that the phenomenon of climate change is real, siting an example of the rains coming in as late as November/December, 2020 for instance as opposed to the normal rainy season which comes around June to July. 

"We have a situation of unpredictability  thus when you expect the rain it does not come but rather it does come when least expected" Dr. Twum added.

On the issue with measures to be taken by the citizenry on preparation for the unpredictable rain, 

Dr. Twum advised that we follow and adhere strictly to the guidelines issued by key institutions such as  the Meteorological Services and National Desaster Management Organisation (NADMO) as these institutions use the early warning system to identify possible signs of changes in the weather and the extent to which it comes and in turn, inform the citizenry so they can plan in order to survive the negative effects of the climate change.

He reiterated that the change in the weather conditions as experienced in year 2020 as well as in subsequent years,are based on models of subsequent years. There has been an increase in temperature over the years coupled with changes in the weather patterns which is unpredictable. 

According to Dr. Twum and from a research point of view, as researchers, they often advice the citizens on the impact of climate change especially to people within the agric sector so they can plan thier Planting activities and harvesting accordingly to fit into the changed weather patterns.

" The agric sector is the backbone of our economy and if we have the effects of climate change impacting negatively on the agricultural sector, then 

it means we are not food secured as a country" he added.

He seized the opportunity to advice Ghanaians to pay attention to signs and adhere to the directives of the authorities and institutions in charge of  the weather in order to reduce to the bearest minimum, the negative effects of climate change.


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