Reported by Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina 

The Head of Family at Miotso, a suburb of Prampram in the Greater Accra Region, Nuumo  Akwatey Awuley Kwame and the people of Miotso have sounded a strong warning to the Lands Commission, cautioning the state establishment to be wary of the kind of people it deals with in Prampram. 

In a statement, the chief alleged that he is well informed that the Lands Commission is undertaking an exercise to demarcate the boundaries of the Prampram and is rather dealing with one Nene Tetteh Waka who parades himself as the Chief of Prampram instead of the legitimate people.

The statement added that the said the self-acclaimed chief is perpetrating the fraudulent acts with such cohorts as a queenmother of Prampram and a self-acclaimed Asafoiatse Tetteh Odzadam. 

The statement indicated that the Chiefs and people of Miotso are aware that the Lands Commission has been dealing with the said Nene Tetteh Waka because the latter carries himself as the Chief of Prampram whereas he is actually not. 

Nuumo Akwetey Awuley said the Kingmakers of Prampram are yet to properly nominate, select, elect and install a substantive chief and therefore advised the Lands Commission to be cautious in dealing with Nene Tetteh Waka who Nuumo Akwetey Awuley described as an imposter, on the Prampram land boundaries issues. 

According to Nuumo Awuley, there is a contempt case hanging on the necks of the said Nene Waka which challenges his legitimacy hence dealing with such a person will land the Lands Commission in another web of distress.

“Tetteh Waka is not a Chief. 

He can’t be the Prampram Matse because he does not hail from the royal line. 

According to him, very soon we will install the substantive Chief so Lands Commission should desist from dealing with him”, angry Nuumo Akwetey Awuley Kwame bursts out. 

Nuumo Akwetey Awuley Kwame also indicated that the legitimacy of the other person, Tetteh Odzadam who wields himself as an Asafoiatse has also been challenged and the court has slapped a contempt charge on him.

“Tetteh Odzadam himself is walking with contempt hanging on his necks. He knows he is not an Asafoiatse. 

They are all a bunch of imposters”, Nuumo Awuley Kwame indicated

The statement therefore alerted the Lands Commission that is dealing with a bunch of self-imposed illegal traditional leaders who do not have legitimacy. Nuumo Awuley further reminded the Lands Commission of a similar careless deal few years ago that landed it in a contempt issues and threatened to take legal action against the Commission if it doesn’t guide its steps once again. 

“The Lands Commission is seriously creating a big confusion here and I call on the authorities including President Nana Akufo-Addo to call them to order. We want peace in Prampram”, Nuumo Akwetey Awuley Kwame mentioned.


Edited by NII Nii Amon 

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