Adeiso Senior High School Sacks Four Students For Showing Coronavirus Symptoms.VIBZNEWS

The management of Adeiso Senior high in the Eastern part of Ghana sacks student who shows signs of covid–19

According to the management of Adeiso Senior high , a student was uncomfortable well so he was rushed to the nearest clinic in the town for medical attention.

The student shows of especially high temperature and was sent by 3 colleagues

The source said the action taken by the Headmaster follows a coronavirus test on the four students.

 Currently, the test results have not yet been released to know their health status.

According to GhanaWeb, Samuel Gyansah of Adeiso Health Clinic when contacted admitted that a student from the Adeiso SHS was at the facility, and samples were taken for testing after he exhibited signs of the global pandemic.

Speaking in the interview Samuel Gyansah said “only one person came here. We have a team that takes the sample when you are suspected to have contracted coronavirus so we called that team and I think the sample was taken”.

samples of the other three were taken after contact tracers found out they took the first student to the hospital. They were then asked to isolate pending the release of their results.

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