Pablo Escobar's Son is a good friend of mine- Medikal. VIBZNEWS

Amg Rapper, Medikal says the son of the world-famous notorious drug lord, Pablo Escobar is his good friend. According to Medikal , they’ve been good friends for sometime now, and they talk a lot.

When asked on Hitz FM about Pablo Escobar’ son, Medikal said,
“Pablo Escobar’s son is a good friend of mine. He is not a bad person. He is not proud of what his father did.”

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When asked whether he regrets calling Eno Barony; as someone looking like a corpse, Medikal said,

“I don’t regret doing a song with Eno Barony back then, I live my life with no regrets. I said what I said that she looks like a corpse because I was in my feelings. I don’t have anything to apologize for”.

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