6 Ghanaian Artist Shatta Wale Has Fought With. VIBZNEWS

The own acclaim dancehall artist in Ghana Shatta Wale has been very known for his behaviours towards other artist in the music industry

The list below are the artist whom Shatta Wale has fought with
 1. Michael Owusu known as Sarkodie is one of the artist Shatta Wale has fought with and now as well
Their beef came out unknowing when they start dropping diss song to themselves .

2. Stonebwoy.

Stonebwoy is one of the artist Shatta Wale has fought with over years ago.
Their beef came out of competiting over the Dancehall artist in Ghana

3 Samini
Stonebwoy's music father Samini has also fought with the SM boss Shatta Wale

4 Yaa Pono
 Yaa Pono and Shatta Wale beef was one of the best beef witnisssed in Ghana. The song on their beef made hit worldwide. Yaa Pono released “Gbe Naabu" whiles Shatta Wale released “Say Fii"

5. Pope Skinny
Pope Skinny was one of the SM members until an agurment came between him and Shatta Wale and finally sacked

6 Kamelyeon
Kamelyeon was also one of the hardworking artist under Shatta Wale until a misunderstanding came between them and they separate.

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