Efia odo descend heavily on Pastor mensah otabil and rev archbishop Duncan Williams for collecting offertory via Momo ( *800*10#) READ...

Ghanaian actress and video vixen Efia Odo born Andrea Owusu has descended heavily on Archbishop Duncan Williams and Pastor Mensah Otabil for asking their members to pay offertory and tithes via Mobile money(MOMO) as churches are not allowed to hold church services amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country.
Recalled that the president of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Darkwa Akufo-Addo announced the suspension of public gatherings which included churches, weddings, funerals and all workshops for four weeks to encourage social distancing in order to control the spread of the coronavirus.
As churches have been banned from holding church services, some churches have decided to still take offertories and tithes via Mobile Money and other cash applications/softwares from their members.
Some churches like Mensa Otabil’s International Central Gospel Church, Archibishop Duncan Williams’ Action Chapel International among others have already sent messages to their church members requesting that they pay their tithes and offertories via mobile money.
Reacting to the insensitive act by such churches, Efia Odo slammed such churches for milking money from their members amid the coronavirus outbreak.
According to Efia Odo, this is rather the time churches and mosques should give back to society by sharing food and sanitizers to their congregation rather than asking members for offertories and tithes via mobile money.
Efia Odo took to her Instagram handle to write:
“Instead of asking for your members to pay offerings/tithes from home by using mobile money or cashapp. Some people can’t even go to work due to this pandemic and y’all have the nerve to be asking for them to send money! Lives are at stake here, get serious and stop playing with GOD”

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