Angel Obinim descend heavily insult to Kennedy Agyapong for bringing his father into their beef

Angel Obinim, the only angel protecting himself from catching deadly coronavirus has come hard at controversial politician, Kennedy Agyapong for dragging his father into their salty beef.
Angel Obinim says that he [Kennedy Agyapong] can level all sort of allegations against him but once he has dragged his father into it then it means war.
Angel Obinim sat on his Soul television with his junior pastors and rained insults on Kennedy Agyapong and dared him to reveal all his dirty and deep secrets.

According to Obinim, Kennedy Agyapong is clueless when it comes to his family matters and what made him furious was saying he [Obinim] hasn’t been able to buy a car for his father.
Obinim disclosed that the car his father drives now was bought by him so for Kennedy Agyapong to lie in public that he hasn’t bought a car for his father after all the money he has made from church business is a big lie.
Obinim called Kennedy Agyapong all sort of names and insulted him on live television.
Obinim also threatened to let his junior pastors descend heavily on him if he goes about tarnishing his hard-earned reputation.
The beef is getting salty and in the coming days, Kennedy Agyapong is likely to drop more bombshell on the secret dealings of Obinim as he did to Prophet Badu Kobi.


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